What are smart doorbells and how is it useful for your home?

Doorbells are being used for decades now and everyone knows that you have to press a doorbell button when you are at someone’s door and the chime rings. This is how a person inside a home comes to know that someone is outdoor his/her door.

Later, for security purposes, people started using peepholes. Peepholes are basically holes in a door attached with magnifying glass through which a person can see from inside of a house the person standing at the door.

Now, doorbells have gone really smart and companies like SimpliSafe and Nest have come up with a lot of additional features that a person needs in a home for the security for his/her family.

These doorbells have multiple features like inbuilt camera, sensors and they keep recording 24/7. They are integrated with an App that is installed into your phone from where you can control every feature. So, whenever someone comes at your door, you can see then from inside on your smartphone.

Nowadays, most of them have started integrating with voice control systems like Simplisafe and Alexa which has made controlling your smart devices even more easy. Once your system gets integrated with any of the voice control systems, you can easily control every smart device in your home just by asking them to do it for you.

Why should you buy a smart doorbell?

Every one of us needs peace of mind and want our home and family to be safe and secure. We do a lot of things to keep them safe then why not bringing something in your home which would let you know that your home and family are safe and secure from anywhere around the world.

With the use of a smart doorbell, you can see every person coming to your home even you are away from your home. You just need a working internet connection in your smartphone and the App provided by the doorbell company.

I am a father and I know how much my mind is at peace when I know that my family is safe and secure even I am away.

There are many smart doorbells available in the market. But there are some which I like most as they are amazingly smart. They are:

·         Ring Video Doorbell

·         Nest Hello Video Doorbell

·         August Doorbell Cam

·         SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro

From these 4, My personal favorite is Ring Video Doorbell. However, Nest is also good and is owned by Google.

I went through an article on HowTL, Simplisafe vs Ring : Which one is Better, the post provides detailed information about the why Ring is better and why should you go for Ring.

The important feature of these doorbells is that if someone tries to enter your house then the alarm goes off and the police are informed at the same time. This makes you feel safe that whatever happens, police will arrive on time. In many cases, intruders don’t try to break into the house which is under surveillance.

Are these smart doorbells wireless?

Most of the doorbells are wireless and work by connecting to your WIFI. However, there are doorbells such as Nest which works in both the ways, either you connect it to the WIFi or they can work with the cellular data.

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