How To Fix GPS Location Issue In Samsung Galaxy S8

This should bring back the AGPS data to your Samsung and your GPS will work again.Samsung Galaxy S8 is the most demanding smartphone and it is one of the best smartphones introduced by Samsung. It is one of the best smartphones then it doesn’t mean it is the perfect phone. 

Too many problems occur in this phone, one of them is GPS. If you are the one who has trouble with GPS on your Samsung Galaxy S8, don’t worry follow all the steps that are given below to solve the GPS problem of Samsung Galaxy S8.

Different Ways To Fix The Samsung Galaxy S8 GPS issues: 

All the methods are given below so read the complete article very carefully.

1. Turn off and on the GPS of your Samsung Galaxy S8:

It is the very easy and fastest way to solve the problem of GPS navigation. For this, you have to turn on or off of your Samsung Galaxy S8 GPS from the notification screen. When you turn it on or off then wait for 10 seconds to again turn it on and off.

2. Restart your Samsung Galaxy S8:

You all know very well that you can solve too many problems with the help of restarting your Samsung Galaxy S8; this thing will help your phone to update the settings and solve some common errors. After restarting your phone try to turn on the GPS again and still you are facing the same problem then try the other solutions that are given below.

3. Enable high accuracy mode:

  • First, go to the settings of your Samsung GalaxyS8
  • Click on the location and make sure that it is switched on
  • After this select, the option named high accuracy that is present here

4. Clear the Google Maps cache and data:

The other option to fix the GPS problem on your Samsung Galaxy S8 is to erase the cache and all data of Google maps app and reinstall it. 

Sometimes it is possible that the cache and data of Google maps may be damaged and to solve this issue you have to clear the cache and data of Google maps.

  • First, access the configuration menu of your Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Now scroll down to the applications menu
  • Search Google maps from the downloaded applications
  • After this click on the clear cache
  • And again repeat this process to delete the data of Google maps

5. Clear all the cache of other applications that uses GPS:

If you are using too many third-party applications on your Samsung Galaxy S8 and these applications are related to GPS then you have to clear the cache of all third-party apps. Steps to do this are given below.

  • Open the settings of your smartphone
  • Then access the application manager
  • Now one by one clear the cache of all third-party applications.

6. Factory reset to your Samsung Galaxy S8:

This process will delete all the information, data and settings from your Samsung Galaxy S8. To do the factory reset all the steps are given below. But first, you have to create a backup of all your important data then do the factory reset of your Samsung Galaxy S8.

  • First, turn off your Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Now press and hold the power button, volume up button and Bixby button at the same time. When your Samsung Galaxy S8 vibrates then release all the buttons.
  • After 10 to 15 seconds Android Recovery screen will appear on your Samsung Galaxy S8
  • From here highlight the Wipe data/factory reset with the help of volume buttons and select this option with the power button.
  • Now select the yes option
  • Allow several seconds to complete the factory reset process
  • Select the Reboot system now option

7. A-GPS data on your Samsung Galaxy S8:

  • First, open the play store and download the free app GPS test
  • After downloading and installing the GPS test application open it and switch the GPS of your smartphone to on. 
  • In this app open the menu by clicking the three points that are present on the upper right side of your mobile screen. After this, you will see the complete settings of the application.
  • Here three buttons are available: clear and update, AGPS clear and third is Update only
  • In this situation, we recommend you to select the clear and update option

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