How to Fix Common Macbook Battery Issues

One of the dreaded messages you’ll ever receive is “You are now running on reserve battery power.” Or if you are using a new Macbook, then the message would occur as “Low Battery: Your Mac will sleep soon unless plugged into a power outlet.”

If you work near a wall outlet, then this warning won’t impact you much. All you’ll do is to plug in the charger and your Macbook is now back to normal. But it’s not always simple as that. If you’re using an old Macbook then you would face battery issues over time. If this warning is showing up more often, then it’s the time to diagnose the problem.

The battery of your Macbook is vulnerable to more issues, so what can you do about it? In this article, I’ll help you to diagnose the problems that would be causing decrease in the battery life, along with the fix solutions.

Overuse (By You, or Applications):

If you are noticing that your battery is draining much faster than usual, then it could be due to overuse. If you’ve made a major change in your workflow, then you be involving yourself in the multitasking. This could be fixed by just getting a basic idea of which applications are responsible for draining the most power of your battery. You can know this by choosing the battery icon in the top right of your Mac. This will help you in showing the number of applications that would be using more power. This could be solved by limiting the number of apps to be used.

Using the Wrong Settings:

The default settings of your Macbook would be using too much of energy. Once you check the basic settings by visiting Macbook repair Mumbai, this will help you in reducing the battery consumption on the idle apps. 

Poor Storage Methods:

If you notice that your Macbook is going into extended storage with full or no battery, then it is possible that the battery will suffer the consequences. Most of the Macbook use lithium-ion batteries, thus, they should be charged or discharged to 50% before storing some of the files. If you use your system in a gap for several days or even months, then you should keep at least 50% of the battery to avoid losing battery capacity.

Wall Adapter is Malfunctioning:

Most of the times you’ll find that the error isn’t inside your system. Instead, issue would be within the wall adapter you’re trying to charge it with. But if the wall adapter becomes damaged, then it won’t be able to charge your Macbook. If you notice that the LED of your charger isn’t turning on or if you see the spars while plugging it in, then there would be fault in the charger.

The Battery is in Poor Condition:

If the status of your battery shows a message like “Replace Soon” or “Replace Now”, then it would be a condition that it has reached the end of its lifespan. For fixing this issue, you would have to avail Macbook battery replacement services from the Macbook repair center. Also, you can go for checking the status of your battery before attempting replacement.

The Battery Doesn’t Charge to 100%:

If the battery stops charging between 93% and 98%, then it’s normal but if it’s not reaching till 90%, then there would be some or the other issue. For fixing this, charge your Mac to 100% and use it for two hours with the charger connected. Then use it with charger unplugged and allow the battery to drain to 0%. This will shut down the Mac and after a pause of 5 hours, power on your Macbook. The issue will be resolved.

Hope it is now clear to you that not all Macbook issues needs repair services. Above are some of the common Macbook issues found and can be solve by anyone with taking proper precautions. Still if you are not sure what exactly the problem is and needed to solve then I recommended you to go for good Macbook repair center and get the best repairing services for your Macbook to avoid any further damage.

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