How to convert PSD to WordPress themes?

PSD is a design template made using Adobe Photoshop. So you already have a nice template in place. Now you need to apply this to your website.

WordPress is one of the most widely used platforms to create websites.

Although WordPress provides you thousands of pre-built themes, you may need a completely personalized interface. This is where this conversion comes into the picture.

Converting PSD to WordPress theme can be a bit tricky. Continue reading this article if you want to know how to do conversion of PSD to WordPress

Here are the steps:

1. Cut PSD to image

You must know that PSD contains images. In this step, you will be required to slice this file. Slice each image and save them as separate files. You make use of Adobe Photoshop for this step. 

Now pick out each image that you will be using on your website. A quick tip, lesser images means a faster website.

Optimize each image. Make sure you do not compromise with their quality. You only need to arrange background, footer, slider, header, etc. 

2. Create your HTML and CSS files

If you are not familiar with these languages, it is better to gain some basic knowledge. It would be helpful in this step. 

Here you will create an HTML file named home.html and a CSS file named style.css. 

Basic editing tools like Notepad or Sublime can be used for this step. 

Open your editing software and do the necessary coding. Make sure you use proper references so that you can connect HTML and CSS files. 

Save the HTML file. 

Now open your CSS file and write the code for styling your webpage. 

Make sure you use the same id as in the HTML file.

3. Embed the WordPress theme in HTML file

You have both the HTML and CSS files in your hand. It’s time to embed them in your WordPress environment.

You can download any WordPress theme and upload it to your hosting panel. 

Check your website. It would have the default design. 

Now, open index.php and replace it with your home.html. Repeat the same process with the style.css file. Replace WordPress’ style.css file with your style.css file. 

Save these files. Check your website. It should show the new design. 

Now we are ready to customize our page. 

4. Add necessary WordPress tags

WordPress provides you with a lot of functions to improve the functionality of your website. If you are using an existing theme, most of these tags and functions would be pre-installed.

But, here we are creating a WordPress theme from scratch, so we will have to install them. 

You can find out these tags in 

Make sure you place the right tag in the right place. This is where you would need good coding skills.

By now, most of the work has been done. Now you can launch your theme. You can add all the pages, images, contents, posts and anything else that you would need to make an awesome website. You can easily do the conversion of PSD to WordPress if you have basic programming skills. If you don’t it is always possible to hire an expert.

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